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Saba Tsereteli

Claire Chaulet

Martin Ducreau alias Thym'art


Saba Tsereteli was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1985 and moved to Berlin in 2009. He is the cofounder and art director of Artistania, a multi-disciplinary and intercultural art center based in Neukölln, Berlin. He is also the cofounder of the theatre company „Theatre of Details“.


Saba Tsereteli works to document current affairs while creating a visual language that addresses complex and delicate issues in a way that is approachable and undiscriminating to the interpreter.

In this way, the artist facilitates a dialogue and encourages engagement around issues that are often left superficially addressed because of their complexity.

The artist draws on many different techniques and materials to express his ideas, constantly transforming and redefining matter to best reveal the essence of the story he is currently engaged with.

By creating large scale, mixed material installations, the artist gives presence to these issues with often surprising results; towing the line between the humorous and the tragic ways that these scenarios play out on the global political stage.


Claire Chaulet.jpg

Claire (1990), co-founder of Artistania e. V., grew up as a child of a German-French couple in the banlieue of Paris.


Her work embraces the city and interacts with it on many levels, and thus her artistic world flows into the streets.  From street art to street performances, from community work to public interventions, her work reflects a continuous determination to bring art and creative practices outside of their safety zones to become tools for engagement and exchange in new surroundings.


As an interdisciplinary artist, Claire Chaulet not only interacts with her urban environment in the form of visual art  but also in the form of performative interventions. The art works she creates are integrated in  theatre, collective actions or in hybrid performative approaches, such as parades and public storytelling.

Questions about transcultu-rality, creative activism and empowerment can be found in her artistic work.


Beside her artistic work, Claire studied political science at the FU Berlin, followed a further education in the field of cultural management at the FH Potsdam and did her master in adult education / lifelong learning at the HU Berlin.



Martin Ducreau - Thym’Art - is a street artist from France living in Berlin, Germany.

Thym’Art sees himself as a Social Painter, by spreading his specific colors and elements around the world in order to enhance social interactions in local areas, and connect people beyond borders.

Besides his street work, including also leading workshops, Thym’Art is co-founder of T!NG-Space and a core member of Artistania e.V. in Berlin, where he deepens his artistic expression since 2016.

Thym’Art started painting in 2012, using this expression as a therapy for healing after a life-threatening accident.

Thym’Art began spraying in his home country, in Paris, Toulouse, Poitiers, and has since dedicated his life to it, filtering his art through his experiences, travels and various encounters. The different elements, colors and motifs he uses come from several cultures he discovered along his way.

From the beginning, he has always been strongly convinced of the positive impact of his shapes and colors on the everyday life of people. Thym’Art’s main goal is to bring these elements of dream to all, wherever they stand on the planet, providing landmarks in order to help the people to idenftify themselves to their surroundings. For this reason, Thym’Art also leads workshops usually through street-events that are free and open to all, as well as in schools.

Thym’Art came across the multidisciplinary atelier Artistania very early on along his artistic path, in 2015. This special place has broadened his ability to grow in his discipline and continues to do so today. The studio work, tools and space, enabled him to start representing his world in three dimensions.

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