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This Is Not a Gallery-Space!

(an Artist-Run Initiative)



This Is Not a Gallery - Space is a multidisciplinary art centre created by Saba Tsereteli, Claire Chaulet and Martin Ducreau. The space serves as a showroom for their works and projects that include sculptures, installations, paintings, murals, puppets, masks, scenography, design and performance.

The purpose of the space is to encourage exchange by emphasising cross disciplinary approaches to making art and developing support networks that can facilitate the manifestation of creative ideas.

The space gives insight to the perceptions of the artists, uncovering different facets of each of their work. Displayed across a 700sqm space located underground in a former brewery, their perceptions are housed in a truly unique location that defies the usual concept of a gallery space.

The process of transforming a space into a participatory art centre is at the core of their vision.

TING-SPACE offers guided tours, a series of artist talks and, live storytelling and performances where the artists present their work.

TING-SPACE works in collaboration with the cultural centre, Artistania and the theatre company, Theatre of Details.

Due to safety regulations, TING-SPACE can only be visited by small groups accompanied by one of our in-house guides.

A visit to TING SPACE is possible through advanced reservation.

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